Water Giants Africa is on of Uganda’s leading water borehole drilling company. With over 10 years’ experience, we have drilled countless water boreholes throughout Uganda and have installed thousands of borehole pumps, building an excellent reputation for providing reliable, trouble-free water supplies. We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of water boreholes across Uganda. Using the latest drilling rigs, we can help you establish a self-sufficient water supply with minimal disruption to you or your property.

We provide a complete borehole installation package in Uganda, which includes a storage tank, variable speed distribution pumps, pressure vessel, control system and, if required, water treatment. We understand the different geological needs across Uganda.




Hand dug Wells are shallow wells excavated and lined by human labour, generally by entering the well with a variety of hand tools. They may be as small as 1meter diameter, and in some traditional cultures, as large as 15 metres diameter. The max depth for these hands dug well is 35meters (120ft).

these are best suited for small scale farming (upto 5 acres), domestic home use, communities of up to 300 people, 


Hand dug wells have been used by humanity since before recorded history.

In these modern times our technical well experts have improved some of the methods, equipment, materials, expectations, and standards for well construction to allow better and more permanent yields, depths suitable for modern pumping, and better protection from contamination. Water Giants technicians have constructed over 1000 wells for home users, hotels, communities, schools around Uganda.  



We design, supply and install all kinds of pumping systems best suited for our client’s needs. These include the conventional manual hand borehole pumps, electric submersible pumps, solar pumps, and many others. 



Hand pumps are manual pumps developed for lifting water from boreholes and dug wells, to overcome drawbacks of conventional rope and bucket method.  We have installed many hand pumps for rural communal water boreholes in various districts of Uganda, especially for those in areas which are off grid. We normally use the India Mark II Pump is designed for heavy-duty use, serving communities of 300 persons. The maximum recommended lift is 50 meters.


Water Pumps 


From water transfer to irrigation pumps, water pumps come in a large variety of types and uses.

Our water pump options range from domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Over the years, we have supplied and installed different types of pumps suited for pressure boosting, boreholes, home wells, domestic tanks, rivers, and lakes. 

We can custom design each Pump System to suit every individual requirement.




Using the sun’s energy in water pumping systems can significantly help and accelerate the development of agriculture in Uganda and many other poor remote areas. This concept is known as solar-powered irrigation.

The energy created by the sun, commonly referred to as solar power, can be utilized in several of ways to convert the sun’s rays into electricity. With a solar water pump, solar energy is converted into electricity and fed to a pump which circulates water. Solar powered submersible pumps are used for hand dug wells, boreholes, water transfer (from lakes, rivers, ponds, streams), cattle & livestock watering and irrigation. Solar powered pumping systems are increasingly affordable and reliable.

Solar pumping systems allow vital water resources to be accessed in remote rural areas of Uganda. Solar water pumps require no fuel and minimal maintenance. 

The main components in a solar pumping system include a photovoltaic (PV) array, an electric motor and a pump. Solar water pumping systems, on the other hand, are classified as either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) systems based on their motor’s ability.


We offer a wide range of solar pump products, experience and after sales service support in the field of submersible solar borehole pumps, solar irrigation systems, solar drinking water solutions, solar bulk water supply for large scale usage.