In 2020, Muzungu Ranchers located in Migyera, Walusu , Nakasongola district contracted us to solve their Water scarcity challenge on their farm. The farm which covers over 1,000 acres with about 500 milk cattle faced had been experiencing a water crisis since the its setup in 2016. The only water source they relied on was a valley dam that would completely be dry within a short time. Consequently, the acute water shortage had affected the farm activities, health of the cattle and reduced production of milk. 


Overall, we successfully drilled a production borehole up to the depth of 140meters which a yield rate of 3,000 liters per hour. Also, we supplied a 2kw solar water pumping system, fabricated and installed a 10,000 liter tank 6 meters off the ground.  From the tank, the water was connected to various troughs in the farm, and a spray race.