In 2019, Rotary club of Soroti central contracted water giants to survey, drill 2 boreholes in Katakwi ( one hand pump installed and the other solarized ) to serve clean water to over 1,000 folks in Okadanya and Odoom Village. Most of the Usuk folks rely on agriculture to survive and water scarcity was a big challenge during the dry spells.  The main objective of this project was to supply clean water to improve the livelihoods of the residents through irrigated farming for commercial purposes.

Water giants successfully installed a 3kw solar powered water pumping system supplying about 4,000 litres per hour. We also fabricated and installed a tank of 20,000 litres capacity raised upto a height of 8 meters off the ground.  These tanks were connected to over 5 concrete tap stand within a radius of 2km from the tank position.