Karamoja region, once again has become cattle rustling battle field. Peter who has lost over 100 cows explained that previously the cows used to travel long distance to fetch water and grass and consequently the livestock were exposed to various types of diseases and security threats from cattle rustlers.

After several consultations with our team at water giants Africa, we concluded that a Hybrid- solar water pumping system at the farm will be the best sustainable solution. The Viable water source at peter’s Ranch is a community traditional conventional borehole in his ranch that was drilled about 20 years ago. We carried out further assessments, inspections on the water quality and test pumping to determine functionality of the borehole.  Consequently, we designed and sized a 1.5kw hybrid solar water pumping system with a 20,000 litre tank storage to serve over 2,000 cattle per-day. Karamoja region is endowed with sunshine that well distributed and high throughout the year. The region experiences 5-6 kWh M-2 radiation7 per day on flat surfaces (MEMD, 2004)8. The pump uses solar renewable energy during the day and a 3kva generator during the night.

Peter says that this hybrid solar pumping system will strengthen security at his Ranch, optimize access to clean water that will benefit both livestock and water quality. Livestock will perform better with clean water. Cattle will spend most of their grazing time close to a water source, so moving the water reduces overgrazing and better utilization of the entire pasture. 

At Water Giants Africa, we don’t believe in “One-Size-Fits-All” solutions. We have qualified water engineers that ready to listen to our client’s needs, design and implement unique water solutions tailored to their needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for more inquires.